Welcome to Wilson Central HS Choirs! Send an email to wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com to sign up for this fun FREE event!  Registrations are arriving daily – don’t miss out on this fun way to meet your choir family before school begins. See you soon.

Scroll down for welcome videos from WCHS Choir members!!

So excited for Concert Choir in the Fall.  Looking forward to meeting and hearing you.  Welcome to our Wilson Central Choir family!

Mrs. Morin

Be sure Concert Choir is on your schedule for first semester! You CAN easily fit it into your schedule.  Invite your friends who love to sing – this is a fun, educational introduction to choir. Choir experience is always valued, but it is not required for this class.

Contact Mrs. Morin at wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com if you have any issues with registering for Concert Choir first semester.

  • Sign up for Vocal Music 1 (Concert Choir) and Vocal Music 2. It is that simple.  Many students take both and sing all year.  Mrs. Morin will make sure you are added to the appropriate choir class.  

  • In order to sing all year, you need to sign up for Vocal Music 1 and Vocal Music 2.


  • Concert Choir (Vocal 1)  No audition required.  This is a great group!  The perfect way to start your high school career.  Concert Choir is open to any student interested in singing.  Concert Choir provides an opportunity to explore a variety of music styles while learning the basics of proper singing, blend, diction and expression.  Concert Choir performs two concerts.  Join this fun group of students who love to sing!!

  • Women’s Chorale or Advanced Concert Choir (Vocal 2)  Women’s Chorale or Advanced Concert Choir (either SSAA or SATB – depending on enrollment!) continues to explore technique and perform a wide variety of challenging choral literature.  Demands a high level of commitment.  Performs two concerts plus Choral Festival and Wilson County All-Sing.

  • Chamber Choir (Vocal 3 & 4)  Audition required. Chamber Choir sings a wide variety of challenging choral literature and demands a high level of commitment.   Performs at music festivals along with invited regional and community events.

Brochure from 8th Grade Parent Night


 Benefits of singing in Choir!

  • Studying music helps you succeed in other academic areas.
  • Do you love music? Why not enjoy it every day by singing in choir?
  • Singing with people who like to sing creates a feeling of community.
  • The choir room becomes your second home – always welcome, always belong.
  • Singing in a choir builds confidence.
  • Do you enjoy singing with your friends? Choir builds lifelong friendships.
  • Performing in a choir concert brings a great sense of accomplishment – shared with friends.
  • Choir is not easy, but it is rewarding. Challenging music builds musicianship and opens the door to confidently participating in college and community choirs.
  • Colleges like to see a well-rounded education including choir participation.
  • Some college music programs offer ensemble participation scholarships to non-music majors.
  • Choir offers the opportunity to travel and perform. Performance trips are fun and give students elite experiences working with well-known conductors and/or perform in major venues in the United States.
  • Singing a cappella is challenging and fun! Create a small ensemble with your friends in choir.
  • Choir builds many life skills: leadership, teamwork, collaboration, confidence, dedication, responsibility, rising to a challenge, setting goals, practice and preparation, focus, interpersonal skills, and expressing emotion through singing.
  • Singing brings joy to your day!
  • Post-High School – you will discover many people who have also participated in choir: bosses, co-workers, community members, neighbors and friends.

Wilson Central Chamber Choir Singing The National Anthem at a Nashville Sounds Game!

WELCOME VIDEOS FROM THE WILSON CENTRAL HS CHOIR FAMILY!  Love to sing, talented, fun, silly and dedicated choral musicians!!  JOIN US!