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Welcome Incoming Freshman Choir Members!

Keep Calm and Join Choir

Welcome to Wilson Central Choral Program!

Be sure to go to the main page and enter your email address under “subscribe”, check your email and confirm.  You will be receiving all my posts after subscribing.  Your parents are welcome to subscribe as well.  Even though you will be receiving posts that don’t directly pertain to you, this will be a great way to feel connected to our awesome program.

When you have the time, send me an email and tell me a little about yourself!  I would love to get to know you before your first day at Wilson Central.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Mrs. Morin


  • Girls who love to sing in choir may sign up for Vocal Music 1 (Concert Choir first semester) and Vocal Music 2 (Women’s Chorale second semester). Women’s Chorale is made up of 9th-12th grade girls, so the level of music is advanced and the opportunity for growth is great!  I currently have TEN 9th grade girls who continued with Women’s Chorale second semester.  It is much better to get it on their schedule during registration rather than adding/changing mid-year.

  • Boys should sign up for vocal music each semester to be sure it is on their schedule. However, they will need to audition for second semester because their option is only Chamber Choir, which requires advanced skills.  I have one 9th grade boy in Chamber this semester and he loves it!  They would need to demonstrate strong skills during first semester and pass the audition in order to keep second semester Chamber Choir on their schedule.  Taking Chamber Choir second semester would present an outstanding opportunity to sing alongside and learn from my strongest male singers! 


  • Be sure to at least register for Vocal Music 1 Concert Choir – first semester! This has been such a great group – they are an instant family from day one.  Such a wonderful way to begin their high school career.

 Benefits of singing in Choir!

  • Studying music helps you succeed in other academic areas.
  • Do you love music? Why not enjoy it every day by singing in choir?
  • Singing with people who like to sing creates a feeling of community.
  • The choir room becomes your second home – always welcome, always belong.
  • Singing in a choir builds confidence.
  • Do you enjoy singing with your friends? Choir builds lifelong friendships.
  • Performing in a choir concert brings a great sense of accomplishment – shared with friends.
  • Choir is not easy, but it is rewarding. Challenging music builds musicianship and opens the door to confidently participating in college and community choirs.
  • Colleges like to see a well-rounded education including choir participation.
  • Some college music programs offer ensemble participation scholarships to non-music majors.
  • Choir offers the opportunity to travel and perform. Performance trips are fun and give students elite experiences working with well-known conductors and/or perform in major venues in the United States.
  • Singing a cappella is challenging and fun! Create a small ensemble with your friends in choir.
  • Choir builds many life skills: leadership, teamwork, collaboration, confidence, dedication, responsibility, rising to a challenge, setting goals, practice and preparation, focus, interpersonal skills, and expressing emotion through singing.
  • Singing brings joy to your day!
  • Post-High School – you will discover many people who have also participated in choir: bosses, co-workers, community members, neighbors and friends.