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Smart Savings Card Fundraiser Information!

UPDATE:  Extending Fundraiser through October 30th!

We are kicking off our annual Smart Savings Card Fundraiser.  This is the only fundraiser where the student receives full profit which is 50% or $10.  The profit is entered on a spreadsheet so each students profits are accounted for.  Those funds are available to use for any choir-related expenses.  The main purpose of this fundraiser has been to help choir members pay their fees including required uniform fees.  Please scroll down and watch the short video overview and see student incentive prize.

PLEASE participate!  I will be asking for required uniform payments after proceeds from the fundraiser are received.  We usually have this fundraiser in August, so I postponed asking for uniform payment until there was an opportunity to raise funds.

Wilson Central HS Choir Smart Card Flyer 2020


  • This is an online only fundraiser.  The smart savings card(s) is sent directly to the customer.

  • Download the Smart Card Flyer above and share by email or text.

  • Post the Smart Card Fundraiser Link (above) on social media with a reminder to enter your child’s name on the order screen.

  • Go to my Facebook page and share my smart savings card fundraiser public post with your Facebook friends – be sure to add your child’s name so it can be entered on the order screen.   Search Lynn Huber Morin on Facebook (please no friend requests).

Choir Student/Parent Fundraiser Overview Video

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How to Purchase a Smart Savings Card Video

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Student Incentive Prize!

Sell 6 or more smart savings cards and receive a bluetooth speaker (click below to see picture)

Blue Tooth Speaker Incentive 2020