Week of October 14th

Go to your choir page to see daily plans.  Review preparation and memorization deadlines for the next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to digging in to our December concert music!

Chamber Choir – Be sure to plan ahead for upcoming performances.  Go to the Chamber page and/or the Calendar of Events page for more information.

MTVA Auditions this week!  I am SO PROUD of all choir members auditioning for MTVA Mid-State – no matter the result of the auditions.  As long as you know you are doing your best, that is all that matters!  Go to our MTVA auditions page for updated information including the audition cuts to be posted on Tuesday (S2&A1) and Wednesday (all other parts).  We will have mock auditions on Wed and Thu at the end of class.  See me if you have any questions.

Week of September 30th and Happy Fall Break!

Visit your choir page for daily plans and preparation/memorization deadlines.  Our goal this week is to work through all December concert music! Practice files are posted on Charms.

MTVA Audition Students:  Practice, practice, practice!  Be sure you are completely familiar with your part for both audition pieces.  We will be singing through all pieces (with the audition file) twice this week – see daily plans.  Auditions are the week we return after fall break. We will hold a mock audition during class on the 14th, 15th or 16th.   Repetition and preparation create confidence!

Have a Relaxing and Safe Fall Break! 

Week of September 23rd

Check your choir page for daily plans.  Part files have been posted to Charms – be sure to practice!

Concert Choir and Chamber Choir members who have not paid for t-shirts, please pay as soon as possible.  See me if you have any concerns.  Thank you!

MTVA Auditions:  Those auditioning should be very familiar with their part and singing with the All Voices Audition File (on Charms and website) on a regular basis.  New files have been posted.  Please see me if you need help with audition music (beyond our overviews in class).

Looking forward to a great week of singing!!

Week of September 16th

Both Choirs:  Please go to your choir page to review plans for the week.  We will be focusing on foundational music theory, rhythmic reading and sight-singing.  Looking forward to start reviewing your new December Concert music!

Chamber Choir:  Be sure to check the calendar of events page for upcoming required performances on Monday, November 4th – performing for the BOE (details on calendar of events page!) and Thursday, November 7th – Veteran’s Day Concert.

MTVA Auditions: Those auditioning for MTVA Mid-State should be very familiar with the required music. See me if you need additional help.  We will run through music in class, but not spend much time pounding notes.  Use the practice files – repetition will build confidence.  By the week prior to Fall break, you should be comfortable singing your part with the All Voices Audition File.  I am SO EXCITED for all of you!  This will be an awesome experience.

Concert on Monday

Please be in the choir room at 6:30 p.m., in uniform and ready to sing! Concert begins at 7:00 p.m. – free admission.

Choir classes will be in the auditorium.

Be sure to stay after the concert to help clear the stage and auditorium.

Looking forward to our first concert of the year!

The rest of the week, we will complete the concert evaluation, turn in music, review MTVA audition pieces and begin theory unit.

Concert Audition Results

I hope you all know how much I value your talent and contribution to our choral program.  Thank you for auditioning!  With that said, selecting a soloist is such a difficult task.  Everyone did a beautiful job!

Shout out to ALL my Concert Choir members who auditioned!  It was lovely to hear your individual voices.  I see many of you as the future of our choral program!  You are deeply appreciated.

The most outstanding Concert Choir auditions were: Matthew Joor, Colton Stroud, PJ Broach, Sianna Baird, Audrey Thurston, Victoria Bahner and Makaleigh Sanders.  Thank you for your well-prepared, strong auditions!! You made my decision that much more difficult.  

City Called Heaven:  Madison McDonald

A Million Dreams:  Dylan Hudson – first solo;  Aelmira Esmaeilpour and Brooke Loredo – second solo 


Week of September 3rd

Both Choirs:  We will spend the week bringing our music to performance quality.  Be prepared to spend time focusing on the musicality and nuances of each piece.  Still a good amount of work to do. No music!

Chamber Choir:  I want to take another look at Swing Down, Chariot this week.  There are many aspects of the piece going very well – we will iron out the trouble spots.

Concert next Monday, September 9th!Please have all required pieces of your uniform.  Arrive in the choir room by 6:30 p.m. sharp, in uniform and ready to sing.  Looking forward to both choir’s performances!

You will do a FANTASTIC job!!  Do the work – be prepared.