Hello, Everyone!  It has been great connecting with you virtually – I miss all of you!  Please make it a top priority to complete the recording project.  Also, Eric Whitacre just released information about his Virtual Choir 6 – Sing Gently.  Your choir page has all the info you need regarding the project and Virtual Choir 6.  Have a wonderful day!

No good-byes yet!

No good-byes yet. I am not only lucky, but truly blessed to have such special students. Thank you for choosing to be in choir!  We are all better people because of our choir family. Let’s stay connected and support each other! Keep checking the website – might have a Google meet on Tuesday!  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, get those recordings done, please! 💙🎶💛

Update April 8th

Hello, WC Choir members!  I have updated posts on your choir page, please check it.  Later today, I will be sending out a Google form for ALL choir members to complete.  It will be sent via Charms, via your choir group message, and posted on your choir page.  You only need to complete it ONCE!  : )

Stayed connected with choir on Instagram @wilsoncentralchoirs and on this website.  As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.  wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com

For those interested in auditioning for 2020-2021 Chamber Choir, please go to the Chamber Choir Auditions page.

Love and miss you all!  Stay safe and stay well.