Week of September 5th

All classes – go to your page to review plans for the week.  Email or ask me for password, if you have forgotten it.

Both Choirs:  The concert is approaching!  Be sure you are prepared for the Tuesday, September 19th Choir Concert. We will be focusing on expression, diction, dynamics, vowels and constant tone.

Concert Choir:  Please be sure you have all the required uniform pieces.  See me if you have any questions/concerns.

Looking forward to bringing our music to life over the next two weeks.  One Choir!

New Chamber Choir Performance Added to Calendar

Manheim Auto Auction holds a Veteran’s Day Ceremony for their employees every year.  The WCHS Brass Ensemble and Chamber Choir will be performing for their ceremony on Friday, November 10th.  We will leave at the start of the school day (time TBA), perform for/attend ceremony, then return to the high school.  Bus transportation will be provided.

We did this a couple years ago and it was an honor to be part of their ceremony!  More information to follow.

Week of August 28th

Our Fall Concert is Tuesday, September 19th!  Over the next few weeks, both choirs will be working through all concert pieces.  We will focus on phrasing, diction, expression, dynamics and musicality.  Please spend extra time doing homework – listening to your part files.  Your preparation will help us present an outstanding first concert of the year!

Visit your choir page to see plans for this week.  If you forgot the password, ask your class officers or email me.

Chamber Choir did a beautiful job performing last Saturday.  Thank you for your time and talent!  

Wednesday, August 23rd

Matt Cooper, from Snap-Raise, will be visiting both choirs to help us kick-off our fundraiser. This is our opportunity to raise money for choir posture chairs, update sound system, new acoustic shells and transportation for any future trips.

Chamber Choir: Sing through 26th performance and work parts on Earth Song. Snap-Raise presentation.

Concert Choir: Snap-Raise presentation. Listen to Cantate Hodie and Come in from the Firefly Darkness. Learn opening of Cantate.

Plans for Thursday and Friday will be posted tomorrow.

Week of August 14th

Thank you for a strong start to the school year!  Both choirs are showing great potential.  Please visit your choir page for weekly plans.  I will not be here on Thursday and Friday, so please listen to your leadership team and follow the notes given to your sub.  Thank you for your help while I am away!

Smart Card and Entertainment Book Fundraiser:  The fundraiser will end on Monday, August 21st.  All classes meet that day, so please bring in money collected and/or all unsold Smart Cards and Entertainment Books.  I will be out on Thursday and Friday which is why I am extending the end date to Monday, August 21st.  The fundraiser continues this week, so please take advantage of the opportunity to get money into your account.

T-Shirt Fees:  Please bring in your T-Shirt fee of $17.00 by Tuesday, August 15th.  You may pay online as well.  Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Snap-Raise Fundraiser:  This fundraiser is for the WCHS Choral Program.  We are in desperate need of REAL Choral Posture Chairs.  We have been using cafeteria chairs which are not only poor for posture, but are uncomfortable as well!  Matt Cooper from Snap-Raise will be here on August 23rd to help kick-off our successful fundraiser!!  We also need new choral acoustic shells and updated sound equipment.  If everyone participates, we should be all set for new chairs and hopefully new choral shells.  

Chamber Choir see calendar of events and your page for information regarding our performance on Saturday, August 26th.  This is a big deal for the group hosting us – let’s represent WCHS Choirs with pride!

MTVA Freshman Honors and Mid-State Choir Audition Prep Workshops

I will be holding MTVA Audition Prep Workshops every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:40 – 4:45 p.m.  Concert Choir members will be learning their audition piece in class, so attending the workshop from 3:40 – 4:00 will help prepare for sight-reading.  From 4:00 – 4:45, we will focus on Mid-State TTBB and SSAA audition materials, so Concert Choir members will not need to stay for that portion.

If I am not in choir class during the day – there will be no workshop after school.