Week of December 4th

We will be working through all concert music focusing on the nuances of each piece.  Both choirs, go to your page to review our plans for the week.  Be sure your uniform is ready for next Monday night’s concert.  Looking forward to our final week of preparation!  Enjoy the week.

All solo features will be auditioned on Monday:  Alma – bass opening, Why We Sing – descant, Lux Aurumque – soprano descant.

Week of November 27th

Check your memorization deadlines.  Practice is repetition, repetition builds confidence, confidence allows full expression of the music.  There are no shortcuts to preparation. Make memorization a priority this week.  Be prepared to demonstrate understanding of your part the end of this week and next week.

Go to your choir page to see daily plans.  Looking forward to focusing on musicality of each piece instead of pounding parts. We have plenty of work to do – phrasing, vowels, expression of text, dynamics, blend and honoring the composers intention.

Monday:  Check the plans for Monday on your choir page.  Please make today a productive day!

Christmas Concert Featured Performers

This was more difficult than I anticipated!  Thank you for preparing your audition.  Because of time limitations, I selected the top six auditions.  The process of selection consisted of scoring each audition recording based on pitch accuracy, expression, diction, style, and tone quality.  The scores were VERY close, which is a blessing to our choral program – such talented singers!  Yay, Choir!


(in alphabetical order)

Brianna Berry

Jason Bruce

Madeline Egan

Kimi Ferral

Avery Guffey

Tristan Lockamy

Landon Yocom


November 20th & 21st

Both choirs – Go to your choir page to see daily plans.  Only two days this week, but lots of work to do!  

I aspire to be filled with gratitude every day.  As I consider the many blessings I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, every one of my choir students are near the top of that list.  My life is blessed every day because of all of you!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Week of November 13th

Our Christmas Concert posters are here!  Please take a poster to put up at a business, work, church, etc.  Invitation cards should be in after Thanksgiving.

Please check your preparation and memorization deadlines – November is a busy month!  Visit your choir page to see plans for the week.  Between Monday and Thanksgiving break, both choirs will be focusing on performance quality on all pieces.  You can do this!  Keep improving every day.

Aca-Flockas – plan on being fully memorized on Wednesday, November 29th.  Both your pieces are coming along nicely!