Congratulations to our WCHS Choral Program Scholarship recipients: Molly Grace Christian, Victoria Howell, Micah Hughes and Michaela Ziparo.

Chamber Choir received a Superior rating at the TN ACDA State Choral Adjudication Festival!  This year, we have been focusing on the concept of a unified choir – “One Choir”. Today, without question, One Choir earned a Superior.  I will be posting the state festival performance to the Chamber page later tonight.  Enjoy!

A Special Night…

What a wonderful concert tonight!  Incredibly proud of your hard work and preparation. At times, I just wanted to stop and listen.

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful card, restaurant card and  flowers (my favorite- daisies)!! I sat down to read the card and was moved by your kind words.  I couldn’t ask for a better groups of kids to teach.  What a privilege!



Week of April 24th

Classes will meet in the auditorium on Monday and Tuesday (no need to bring music folders to class).  Ms. Cathy will be here on Monday.

Tuesday is concert day!  It is going to be an amazing concert thanks to your hard work and preparation.  We will celebrate all choir members and make our senior’s final concert a memorable one.  Be in the choir room at 6:30 p.m. sharp, in uniform, ready to sing!  Please be on time – we have medals and other items to distribute before the concert.

I need everyone to stay after the concert to help put away the shells, fold up and move risers back to choir room, pick up programs in the auditorium, etc.

Thursday – Chamber Choir members – arrive at school in uniform – board bus at 8:25 a.m.  Please remind each other about departure time, etc. so we can depart on time.  Basically, the same process as the MTVA Festival.  Our warm-up time at First United Methodist Church in Murfreesboro is 9:15 and performance time is 9:30.  We will stay and listen to a few choirs then return to school.

Wednesday and Thursday – 2017/2018 Chamber Auditions.

Updates and Final Concert

Chamber – we will be performing The Road Home, Esto les digo and He Never Failed Me Yet for ACDA State Festival on April 27th.

Both Choirs – when we return to school on Tuesday, we will have seven days to our final concert!  Every song needs to be fully confident.  Women’s Chorale – We are so close with Dirait-on….let’s make it work.  You should be so proud to be singing three A Cappella pieces at the final concert!  Chamber – You have demonstrated that you are capable of performing ALL the concert pieces as the composers intended.  That is no easy task!  Let’s continue to refine dynamics and expression throughout this final week of preparation.  Aca-Flockas – with only one day per week to prepare, you have set yourselves up for a strong performance at the concert!  Enjoy your success.  We need to make a decision asap regarding flower accessories.

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Week of April 10th

Both choirs:  Check your choir page and be fully memorized.  We will be focusing on musicality of every piece: diction, phrasing, vowels, expression, dynamics, rhythm – preparing for performance!

Tuesday night: Evening With The Arts.  Be in the choir room at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  In concert uniform, ready to sing.  I will need help folding up the risers after the concert.  We will be leaving the risers in the auditorium for Southside’s concert on Thursday.

ACDA State Choral Adjudication Festival:  Chamber Choir only.  Thursday, APRIL 27th.  All Chamber members in the choir room by 8:20 a.m., in uniform and vocally warmed up.  The bus DEPARTS at 8:30 a.m. sharp.  Our warm-up time is 9:15 and performance is 9:30.  We will watch a few performances and depart at 10:45 for WCHS.  No stopping for lunch today.  Please be sure you get up earlier this morning so you are fully awake and ready to sing beautifully!  Looking forward to your performance at state!

Week of March 27th

Senior Choir Members:  The Choral Program Scholarship application must be submitted to Mr. Mayfield by April 18th.

Both Choirs:  Check you choir page for approaching memorization deadlines and plans for this week.  Make sure the following performances are marked on your calendar.  They are all mandatory.

Tuesday, April 11th:  WCHS – An Evening with the Arts.  Be in the choir room, in uniform, ready to sing at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  Concert begins at 7:00 p.m.  This is a ticketed event – $5 per ticket – please communicate the ticket cost with family/friends.  The concert will feature choir, band, dance, theatre and art.

Tuesday, April 25th:  Spring Choral Concert (and farewell to our seniors).  Be in the choir room, in uniform, ready to sing at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  Concert begins at 7:00 p.m.  FREE admission, donations accepted at the door.  The concert will be approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long.  Invite family, friends, teachers, community members!

Thursday, April 27th: CHAMBER ONLY.  ACDA State Adjudication Festival.  During the school day – departure time TBA, but arrive to school in uniform.  Same routine and location as the MTVA Choral Festival.  We won’t know performance time until the schedule is finalized.  Keep your grades up in order to participate in the state festival – we need everyone there!!

Saturday, May 27th:  Graduation.  Women’s and Chamber Choirs.  Transportation provided to and from MTSU.  Departure time TBA.  Boys: button-up shirt, tie, dark or khaki pants, dark shoes.  Girls:  dress pants/blouse, dress, or blouse/skirt – shoulders covered, skirt length according to school dress code.  No flip flops or athletic shoes.