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Resources during COVID-19 Closing – Please contact me if you need additional resources or have questions.  wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com or morinl@wcschools.com


Choral March Madness Final Four Bracket Game!  Brilliant!  From our friends at Alfred Music.


In Tune Magazine recent issues!  Use three lines top left to navigate and access archive (past issues).



Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



Create music using loops of rhythms and melodies – FUN!!!



Foundational Music Theory


Music Fundamentals

The Staff, Clefs and Ledger Lines


Note Duration


Measures and Time Signature



Ted Talks on Music (pdf with links)

TED Talks on Music


Daily Listening Calendar for April

April Daily Listening


Howard Goodall – Twentieth Century Greats – Leonard Bernstein

Howard Goodall – Twentieth Century Greats – Cole Porter

Howard Goodall – The Story of Music – The Age of Discovery


Howard Goodall – The Story of Music – The Age of Invention


Resources from past lessons:

Rita Moreno 4:20 followed by George Lucas


West Side Story – Question packet while viewing and Reflection Questions

WEST SIDE STORY Reflection questions

Into the Woods – Complete questionnaire while watching video of the Broadway musical live performance.


Identify Instruments in String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Families.  Quiz next week.



Explore Traditional, Popular and Classical Music





McGraw/Hill General Music Online Curriculum



Continue exploring music in film


Big Band Era

Music in Film


Explore the Roots of Jazz and Jazz Fusion


Herbie Hancock

Elton John 5:10


Explore Music Makers

  • Composers and Songwriters
  • American Masters


Explore how we listen to music and experience music.

Explore composers and songwriters.

Explore Traditional, Popular and Classical Music Categories.


What is music?  What defines music?  We will discuss rhythm, beats and how sound is organized to create music.  Explore creating rhythm combinations through observing STOMP scenes and video.


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