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Week of May 15th – Review Music Theory Fundamentals.  Review for Final Exam.  All students will participate in reviews – even if exempt.

Friday, May 12th – we will watch two Kennedy Center Honors.

Week of May 8th:

Monday through Wednesday will be spent creating a Music Autobiography assignment in class.  The instructions and criteria will be distributed on Monday.  We will discuss the assignment then students will work independently during class.  Assignment is due the end of class Wednesday.  Presentations will be Thursday during class.  No extensions for assignment deadline!  Use your time wisely.



Friday, April 28th – Kennedy Center Honors

Weeks of April 18 – May 2:

Our focus will be on the popular music of the 14th – 19th centuries.  We will use the Howard Goodall Series as a foundation of information and explore music concepts in class.

After we finish with the Howard Goodall Series, we will re-visit Broadway, buy studying Stephen Sondheim and his major contributions to Broadway.  One of the musicals we will study is “Into the Woods”.

Weeks of March 27th and April 3rd:

Finish American Pie Lyrics analysis.

Test over American Pie Lyrics analysis on Tuesday

Watch series about Buddy Holly’s life and career.

Learn about the stand-out artists of the early rock era – Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis

Explore the career of Alan Freed and Dick Clark and the controversy surrounding the payola scandal.

Explore the British Invasion – Beatles and Rolling Stones – MediaCast


DICK CLARK discusses payola scandal

Google Drive

Pat Boone/Little Richard – Tutti Frutti

Pat Boone/Fats Domino – Ain’t That A Shame

Pat Boone/Jerry Lee Lewis – Corrina, Corrina

BUBBLEGUM ERA – Recordings/Pictures in Teacher Resources

Week of March 20th:

American Pie by Don McLean

Listen to song and lyric analysis.  Understand the societal and historical connection the lyrics have as it relates to Don McLean’s teenage through adult years.

Rhythm, Country and Blues – complete questionnaire while watching video. Turn in work at end of class.

General Music Rhythm Country and Blues

Weeks of February 27th through March 10th:

After watching West Side Story, we will learn more about Leonard Bernstein and Rita Moreno

Answer questions while watching West Side Story, based on Romeo & Juliet.  Discuss music styles, characters, how music helps tell the story, etc.  (Marni Nixon dubs for Natalie Wood)

Watch West Side Story on MediaCast.


Continue learning about musicals.  Questionnaire about each scene below will be completed during class.

Video series below:  Find Tony Awards Defying Gravity #10 and My New Philosophy #119 .

Week of February 21st:

Test over instruments on Wednesday.

Julie Taymor: Ted Talk – Spider-Man, The Lion King and Life on the creative edge.

Tuesday – Review for test and begin Musical Theatre unit about the making of The Lion King, A Broadway Musical.


Week of February 13th

Continue learning about instruments  – Army Field Band

Stars and Stripes – Army Field Band

Week of February 6th

Continue learning about instruments of the orchestra – taking notes during discussion of each instrument.

Instruments of the Orchestra

Monday- Phillip Phillips In Tune magazine questionnaire.

Week of January 30th

We will be learning about the instruments this week:  Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion.

Beat-boxer flute

TED Talks Carrot Clarinet

How it’s Made – Instruments

Tuesday – The Who Kennedy Center Honors.

Monday – Billy Joel Kennedy Center Honors.

Write down “bullet points” about each Billy Joel’s life story.

What was his childhood like?

Where did he grow up?

Write down four of his major accomplishments/successes.

Name some of the major places he has performed.

Name four of his songs.

Who performed his music at Kennedy Center Honors?

Make sure your name is on your list and turn it in at the end of class.  NO PHONES during video.

Billy Joel – Kennedy Center Honors (Close out of advertisements when they pop up)

Week of January 23rd

Review Music Theory Fundamentals on Monday and Tuesday followed by a quiz on Wednesday.

Thursday:  Learn about Bobby McFerrin’s career in music.  His unique rhythmic style of singing made him famous! Discuss how the direction of his music career changed and challenged his comfort zone.

Bobby McFerrin


TED TALKS – Bobby McFerrin


Friday:  continue learning about Bobby McFerrin followed by a Billy Joel Kennedy Center Honors.

TUESDAY, January 17

Write down “bullet points” about each artist’s life story.  How did they start out? Where are they from?  Name a few of their songs. Who performed their music?   Make sure your name is on your list and turn it in at the end of class.  NO PHONES during videos.

Kennedy Center Honors – Paul McCartney (CLOSE ADVERTISING WHEN IT POPS UP)


Class introduction and review syllabus/class expectations

What is music?  What defines music?  We will discuss rhythm, beats and how sound is organized to create music.  Explore creating rhythm combinations through observing STOMP scenes and video.

I will share about my experience singing in a series of Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs.

General Music Student Questions

Fundamentals of Music Theory


Theory Worksheets



http://ericwhitacre.com/the-virtual-choir     All the virtual choir performances.

Eric Whitacre’s TED TALK:



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