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Weeks 1-4 past due lesson questions are on Thrivist.  Beginning the week of Sept. 14th, you will have two tabs open: 1) Go to Thrivist to open McGraw Hill lesson and 2) Go to Google Classroom to complete questions.  Read all instructions on Thrivist and/or watch the tutorial below.

You MUST have the lesson open to read and listen to examples while answering the questions.


Contact me if you have any problems accessing your work – morinl@wilsonk12tn.us


Week of August 17th: (edited)

Welcome to General Music Class!

Mrs. Morin

WCHS General Music Syllabus

We will be using the McGraw/Hill “Music: It’s Role In Our Lives” curriculum which is accessible through Thrivist.

NOTE:  We will be using Thrivist exclusively (updated to Google Classroom for access to questions beginning Sept. 14).  This way, you will not have to access two different online classrooms to complete your work.

Looking forward to meeting you the first week of school!

Please contact me if you have further questions – wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com or morinl@wcschools.com

Virtual Open House General Music Video


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