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Weeks of April 30th and May 7th

We will be studying the Howard Goodall Series – The Story of Music.  We will discuss and answer questions related to the music history, terminology, notation, theory covered in the series.

Howard Goodall Age of Discovery Part 1 Questions

Age of Discovery Howard Goodall Part 2 Questions

Week of April 16th:

Learn about the relationship between Memphis Blues and Nashville Country.  We will watch artists collaborate on a special music project.  Questionnaire included in this lesson.

Distribute Music Autobiography project  – Review project requirements and due dates.

Music Autobiography Assignment General Music Class

General Music Rhythm Country and Blues

Rhythm, Country and Blues

Kennedy Center Honors – Buddy Guy  – Blues


Week of April 9th: 

Finish West Side Story Unit.  We will watch a Kennedy Center Honors honoring Rita Moreno who played Anita in West Side Story and Stephen Sondheim, lyricist for West Side Story.  In addition, we will watch a Howard Goodall biography about Leonard Bernstein who wrote the music for West Side Story.

Finish up our musical theatre unit with a variety of popular scenes from movie and Broadway musicals.  We will discuss differences in style, how the song reflects the character and how the song might indicate what might have happened just before or what might happen directly after.

First Day:  Defying Gravity from Wicked, Company and I’m Not Getting Married from Company; The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music

Second Day:  So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music, I Cain’t Say No from Oklahoma, March of the Siamese Children and Shall We Dance from The King & I.

Kennedy Center Honors – Rita Moreno

Kennedy Center Honors – Stephen Sondheim

Howard Goodall Series – Music Greats – Leonard Bernstein

Shall We Dance

March of the Siamese Children

So Long Farewell

Lonely Goatherd

Ado Annie – Cain’t Say No

Not Getting Married Today



Week of March 19th:

American Pie Lyric Analysis.  Lyrics will be distributed for taking notes during the lecture.  You will be able to use notes for the test, so take good notes!  We will discuss how Don McLean’s lyrics draw a comparison between historical events/societal issues and popular music during the ten years it took him to write American Pie.

We will also view a documentary about Buddy Holly.  Test on Friday.

HOPM American Pie Lyrics






Weeks of February 26th and March 5th

Begin an Early Rock and Roll Unit covering Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and how Pat Boone affected the Rock and Roll scene.

Early Rock Artist Questions

Alan Freed and Dick Clark:  We will discuss their contributions to the early rock and roll industry and also how they were personally affected by the payola scandal.

Bubblegum Era music – explore Bubblegum artists and their music.

Britain Invades – Arrival of Beatles and Rolling Stones to the U.S.  HOPM BRITISH INVASION

CCR, Led Zeppelin, KISS and Journey    HOPM CCR through Journey questions


Shirley Ellis

Shirley Ellis The Name Game

The Clapping Song


The Dixie Cups

Chapel of Love

Iko Iko


Tommy James and The Shondells

Crimson and Clover

Mony, Mony


The Archies

Sugar, Sugar


Ohio Express

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

History of Rock ‘n’ Roll – Britain Invades  Episode 3  parts 1 and 4.


Week of February 5th

Carlos Santana – Kennedy Center Honors

Dolly Parton – Kennedy Center Honors

  • Instrument Families and the Orchestra. We will discover the unique differences between instruments, understand the groups (families) of instruments, how an orchestra is organized (seating of sections), view instrument demonstrations by professional musicians (video).
  • Listening exercise: Identifying instruments by their sound. Review for Quiz.
  • Unit Quiz
  • Begin next unit – Transition of Disney’s The Lion King from movie to stage.

We will begin exploring music on stage by learning how Disney’s The Lion King made the transition from movie to stage.  Music is central to this show – characters and scenery reflect the music of Africa.

Take notes on each segment.


TED Talk featuring Julie Taymor, the producer of The Lion King, A Broadway Musical.

Julie Taymor TED Talk – Frida, The Tempest, The Lion King and Spiderman, The Musical.

Week of January 28th

In Tune magazine featuring Luke Bryan – reading and corresponding questions.

Instrument Families and the Orchestra.  We will discover the unique differences between instruments, understand the groups (families) of instruments, how an orchestra is organized (seating of sections), view instrument demonstrations by professional musicians (video).

Instrument demonstration questions



Week of January 22nd

  • Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs – explore the story behind a series of virtual choirs directed by Eric Whitacre.
  • Begin unit covering the foundations of music theory.

http://ericwhitacre.com/the-virtual-choir     All the virtual choir performances.

Eric Whitacre’s TED TALK:





Test on Friday, January 26th

Kennedy Center Honors – Led Zeppelin

Week of January 8th

Class introduction and review syllabus/class expectations

General Music Student Questions

What is music?  What defines music?  We will discuss rhythm, beats and how sound is organized to create music.  Explore creating rhythm combinations through observing STOMP scenes and video.


Random Items Assignment – small groups use random items available in classroom to create a four-measure rhythm piece.


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