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Class Schedule and Availability


1st – Prep

2nd – General Music

3rd – Concert Choir (1st Sem); Women’s Chorale (2nd Sem)

4th – Chamber Choir

Available after school on Tuesday and Thursday – only if scheduled in advance.

2 thoughts on “Class Schedule and Availability

  1. Hello Mrs. Morin, my daughter, Makaleigh Sanders is going to be a freshman @ Central this year and we haven’t heard anything yet indicating whether or not she is enrolled in the choir. Do u have any info that might help or let us know?? She was and is so excited to join. I was a soloist in centrals choir myself(grad. 2003), so I’m super excited for her as well…. Lol.

    • Hello!
      Thank you so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, 2019-2020 scheduling is still in process and teachers have the same access as parents at this point. I will, however be sure to forward Makaleigh’s name to Ms. Ankney to be sure she is placed correctly. When she receives her final schedule in August, please let me know asap if choir is not showing for both semesters.

      Looking forward to having Makaleigh join our Wilson Central choir family!

      Lynn Morin

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