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The WCHS Choir Program is a family of singers.  We work hard toward a common goal and celebrate our success by performing three concerts each year including participation in the MTVA Choral Adjudication Festival. 

As a WCHS Choir Member, you will:

  • Meet new people

  • Learn about singing in an elite ensemble.

  • Enjoy the reward of singing with others.

  • Experience the joy of feeling pride in your performance.

  • Benefit personally by listing choral experience on your college applications and apply for music participation or music performance college scholarships.

  • Build lifelong friendships.

  • Be inspired to continue singing beyond high school!

Concert Choir and Women’s Chorale girls not interested in auditioning for Chamber, but want to keep singing – PLEASE sign up for our non-auditioned, second semester Women’s Chorale!!  🙂  This group has consistently shown great growth over the past three years.  If you want to sing all year – choose Vocal Music 1 & 2.    Chamber Choir meets all year – Vocal Music 3 & 4.

If you want to sing in choir next year, make sure it is on your schedule!


Following auditions, singers will be placed in appropriate choirs for the 2018-2019 school year.  I am SO EXCITED to see what next year brings for Concert Choir, Chamber Choir and Women’s Chorale.  Practice and be prepared!

If you don’t understand the audition requirements – ask me BEFORE your audition.

  • Scroll down for practice files.

  • Choose a part – NO SOP 1 for this audition – learn Sop 2 (Soprano 2, Alto 1 or 2, Tenor 1 or 2, Bass 1 or 2) then learn your part using the part file first, then transition to practicing with the performance file.

  • You will sing your part with the performance file for the audition.

  • If you need the practice files on a cd, please ask me directly.

  • The audition will also include establishing range (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass), tonal memory and additional exercises that do not require preparation.

  • Please read the choir performance agreement to better understand expectations. The agreement does NOT need to be signed at this time.

Good Luck!

I am looking forward to hearing you sing!

Mrs. Morin

QUESTIONS?  See me in the choir room or email questions to:  wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com

ALL students auditioning will sing The Star-Spangled Banner. Scroll down for your practice files. Be sure to follow directions above

Right-Click link, save to your computer or click on link to play file.

Star Spangled Banner FULL

Wilson Central HS Chamber Choir Star-Spangled Banner January 2018

Star Spangled Banner Sop 2

Star Spangled Banner Alto 1

Star Spangled Banner Alto 2

Star Spangled Banner Ten 1

Star Spangled Banner Ten 2

Star Spangled Banner Bass 1

Star Spangled Banner Bass 2

Star Spangled Banner Bass 2 alone