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The WCHS Choir Program is a family of singers.  We work hard toward a common goal and celebrate our success by performing three concerts each year including participation in the MTVA Choral Adjudication Festival. 

As a WCHS Choir Member, you will:

  • Meet new people

  • Learn about singing in an elite ensemble.

  • Enjoy the reward of singing with others.

  • Experience the joy of feeling pride in your performance.

  • Benefit personally by listing choral experience on your college applications and apply for music participation or music performance college scholarships.

  • Build lifelong friendships.

  • Be inspired to continue singing beyond high school!

2017-2018 Chamber Choir has openings for Soprano 2, Alto, Tenor and Bass voice parts.

Concert Choir and Women’s Chorale girls not interested in auditioning for Chamber, but want to keep singing – PLEASE sign up for our non-auditioned, second semester Women’s Chorale!!  🙂  This group has consistently shown great growth over the past two years.  If you want to sing all year – choose Vocal Music 1 & 2.    Chamber Choir meets all year – Vocal Music 3 & 4.

If you want to sing in choir next year, make sure it is on your schedule!


Following auditions, singers will be placed in appropriate choirs for the 2017-2018 school year.  I am SO EXCITED to see what next year brings for Concert Choir, Chamber Choir and Women’s Chorale.  Practice and be prepared!

If you don’t understand the audition requirements – ask me BEFORE your audition.

  • Scroll down for practice files.

  • Choose a part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) then learn your part using the part file first, then transition to practicing with the performance file.

  • You will sing your part with the performance file for the audition.

  • If you need the practice files on a cd, please ask me directly.

  • The audition will also include establishing range (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass), tonal memory and additional exercises that do not require preparation.

  • Please read the choir performance agreement to better understand expectations. The agreement does NOT need to be signed at this time.

Good Luck!

I am looking forward to hearing you sing!

Mrs. Morin

QUESTIONS?  See me in the choir room or email questions to:  wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com

ALL students auditioning will sing The Road Home. Scroll down for your practice files. Be sure to follow directions above

Right-Click link, save to your computer or click on link to play file.

The Road Home  (Chamber Choir MTVA Festival performance)

The Road Home Sop

The Road Home Alto

The Road Home Tenor

The Road Home Bass