Week of November 11th

Both Choirs:  Continue to work on memorization.  See your page for daily plans.  I will be gone to Mid-State on Tuesday, please follow sub plans.

We will hold auditions for the following pieces on Wednesday, November 20th:

Concert Choir – Why We Sing descant and Grinch spoken part.

Chamber Choir – Joy to the World, Esto les digo and Grinch spoken part.

Those auditioning to be a featured performer – sign up for a time (posted on my office door).  Must be performance level, fully memorized.

Week of November 4th

Both Choirs: Check your choir page for daily plans. Be prepared for memorization deadlines.  Looking forward to bringing your music to performance level!  Let’s have a great week of singing.

Chamber Choir:

Monday, Nov. 4 – BOE performance at Central Office in Lebanon.  See Chamber page for all info.

Thursday, Nov. 7 – Veteran’s Day Concert – See Chamber page for all info.

Week of October 28

Last week of October!  : ) Both choirs need to check their page for preparation and memorization deadlines.  Do your part and be prepared as we begin to focus on the next stage of preparation – expression, diction, blend, vowels, dynamics, phrasing, articulation and style.

Chamber Choir: Two mandatory performances next week – no excuses – we all need to be present.  I have had three students talk to me about conflict for one of the performances.  Be sure you plan ahead and arrange transportation, if necessary.  Monday, November 4th – BOE performance and Thursday, November 7th – Veteran’s Day Concert (details for both are on the Calendar of Events and Chamber Choir page). 


Week of October 21st

Monday – I won’t be there.

Concert Choir – please be respectful of my rules and follow the sub’s directions. Sit separately from each other, study your music, do other classwork, read, etc.  Keep it quiet.

Chamber Choir  – Go to the chamber choir page and follow instructions.

Rest of the week:

Daily plans are posted on your choir page.  Please keep in mind all the upcoming preparation and memorization deadlines.

Proud of all the choir members who prepared and took the time to audition for MTVA Mid-State this weekend!  Official results will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Looking forward to a great week of singing!