Week of November 13th

Our Christmas Concert posters are here!  Please take a poster to put up at a business, work, church, etc.  Invitation cards should be in after Thanksgiving.

Please check your preparation and memorization deadlines – November is a busy month!  Visit your choir page to see plans for the week.  Between Monday and Thanksgiving break, both choirs will be focusing on performance quality on all pieces.  You can do this!  Keep improving every day.

Aca-Flockas – plan on being fully memorized on Wednesday, November 29th.  Both your pieces are coming along nicely!

Week of November 6th

Chamber Choir – Go to your page to review plans for the week.  Busy week!  Thank you for sharing your voices to honor those who have served our country so selflessly.  Many times, finding the right words to express our appreciation is difficult, but music tends to connect on a deeper level.  Please keep in mind who your audience will be: veterans, family and loved ones of veterans who are currently serving, served in the past and in memory of those who died defending our freedom.  Veteran’s Concert on Thursday – report to choir room at 6:30 p.m., in uniform, ready to sing.  I will need assistance taking risers back to choir room after concert.  Please stay to help with risers and pick up programs/remove reserved signs.  Manheim Nashville Veteran’s Ceremony on Friday – go directly to choir room, wear jeans (no holes) and black choir shirt. Board bus and depart at 8:45 a.m. Return by 10:45.  We will perform America, The Beautiful and The Star-Spangled Banner.  WCHS Veteran’s Day Program – Friday at 1:00 p.m.  An email will be sent excusing you to the choir room at 12:45 p.m.  Chamber sings The Star-Spangled Banner at the beginning of program.  Wait for Color Guard to exit with colors, then sit in student section for program.  THANK YOU!

Concert Choir:  Please go to your choir page to review plans for the week.  Be sure to check preparation dates as well.  Spend time practicing your part outside of class.  This will help us focus on expression, phrasing, diction, dynamics, etc.

MTVA Mid-State and Freshman Honor Choir Participants:  You should be reviewing your parts every day.  Be sure to bring food with you for Monday afternoon before rehearsal begins.  Bus will depart at 4:15 p.m.  Remember your music folder, pencils, water and food!  For more information about Tuesday and the rest of the festival, go to our MTVA page and open the information sheet.

Week of October 30th

Chamber and Concert Choirs – Please visit choir page for daily plans.  Preparation and memorization dates are posted and will be reviewed in class.  Continue to practice music outside of class in order to be fully prepared for the required deadlines.

Preparation is coming along nicely for both choirs.  Every day, we experience a new success within a piece – one of my favorite parts of preparing for a concert!  Looking for more moments of success this week.

Chamber Choir Reminder:  Veteran’s Concert is Thursday, November 9th – this is a mandatory performance and has been on the calendar of events since the beginning of the semester.  Please see Chamber Choir page for upcoming Veteran’s performance details.  Be sure The Star-Spangled Banner, America The Beautiful, Battle Hymn and Taps are fully confident. 

Have a great week of singing!


Congratulations to the following WCHS Choir members for being selected into Mid-State and Freshman Honor Choirs!  The competition is tough in Middle Tennessee. Be PROUD of your accomplishment!!  I know I am extremely proud of all the students who auditioned!

Please check your email for more information.

Mid-State Women’s Choir  SSAA

Carley Durham

Alison Grant

Meredith Williams

Mid-State Men’s Choir  TTBB

Jacob Denney

Tristan Lockamy

Meredith Williams – All-State 5th Alternate

Freshman Honor Choir

Morgan Harlin