MTVA Mid-State and Freshman Honors Audition Cut Files

Alto 1 and Soprano 2 audition cuts have been emailed and are posted on the MTVA page along with important information about your scheduled audition.  All other voice part audition cuts will be emailed and posted Wednesday evening.

Do your best!  It is easier said than done, but try to relax and sing freely.  This is when practice pays off!!  : )  I am proud of all of you for taking the initiative to audition.  

Week of October 1st

Monday – Chamber Choir members sing Amazing Grace at Memorial Garden ceremony after school.  Be at the Memorial Garden by 3:50 p.m. You may bring music. Might want to bring a small umbrella in case of rain.  We WILL sing if raining!

Check your choir page for daily plans.  Both choirs – quiz on Thursday over theory packet plus other material covered in class. Will review with each class.  

The fundraiser ends on Monday – ALL order forms and money are DUE on Monday.


Week of September 24th

Check your choir page for daily plans.  Both classes will continue reviewing foundational music theory, sight-singing and music terminology.  We will begin working through December concert music in sectionals and as a group this week.  Looking forward to exploring each piece – theory, style, composer intent and text.

Don’t forget our catalog FUNDRAISER!  Next Monday, October 1st, ALL orders and money need to be turned in.  Have fun selling and earn those cool prizes! 

Let’s have a great week of singing!

Good Job!

Take pride in your performance!  All your hard work was recognized last night by an appreciative audience.  We will listen to and evaluate concert recordings on Monday. 

Thank you to West Wilson MS Choir for joining us!  They were perfect choir students as audience members and especially singing “This Is Me” with our combined choirs.  What a joy it was to hear that song sung so beautifully!

Week of Sept 10th – Concert Week!

Both Choirs: Do whatever you need to do in order to bring your very best to rehearsals and concert performance this week.  We are ONE Choir, United in Harmony!  The biggest challenge for performance ensembles is always equal preparation among all members.  Do your best.  Go to choir page for daily plans. 

Looking forward to a wonderful concert on Thursday!   Ask leadership officers questions before asking Mrs. Morin on Thursday during class and before the concert.  Everyone:  Please help make our choir friends from West Wilson MS feel welcome and appreciated!

Thursday, September 13th Concert – ALL choir members must be in the choir room, in uniform and ready to sing at 6:30 p.m.  No jewelry, stud earrings okay.  Concert begins at 7:00 p.m.  Free Admission.