2020-2021 Chamber Choir auditions will be held online.  Read ALL instructions.  Email wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com with any questions.

2020-2021 9th grade students, please go to the “Welcome, New Members” page.


I encourage those interested to go ahead and audition now to be sure your schedule is all set for next year.  If you want to audition later – you will be auditioning the day BEFORE school begins.  Contact me for more details closer to that time.  I am SO EXCITED to see what next year brings for Chamber Choir!

If you don’t understand the audition requirements – ask me before submitting your audition.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page for practice files.

  • Choose a part – NO SOP 1 for this audition – All sopranos learn Sop 2 (Soprano 2, Alto 1 or 2, Tenor 1 or 2, Bass 1 or 2)

  • Practice your part using the part file first, then transition to singing your part with the performance file. I made a new performance file with a count-off using the starting pitch so it is easier to know when to begin.

  • You will sing your part with the performance file playing in the background for the audition – 3 + 2 count-off on starting pitch.  I need to hear the performance playing while you are singing (don’t use headphones).  You might need to use another device to play the performance file and record the audition on your phone.

  • If you do not have a printer or need the practice files on a cd, please ask me directly.  I will mail it to you.

  • (if you have an existing choir Charms account) Go to CHARMS, log-in and go to “Recording Studio”.  Play the performance file while recording your part.  Basically, you will need another device to play the performance file in the background (no headphones – just turn the volume up on the performance file and sing your part – I need to hear it playing in the background while you sing).  Hit RECORD, play the performance file and sing your part!  Label the recording with your name and submit.

  • Email me at wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com and let me know you submitted it on Charms or attach your video to the email. (don’t forget the ‘s’ on choirs!)

  • If I need additional audition info (range, tonal memory, etc.), I will reach out to you  to schedule an online audition time.

  • Please read the choir performance agreement (within choir handbook link below) to better understand expectations. The agreement does NOT need to be signed at this time.

  • 2019 2020 Wilson Central HS Choir Handbook

Good Luck!

I am looking forward to hearing you sing! : )

Mrs. Morin

QUESTIONS? Email questions to:  wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com


Right-Click link, save to your computer or click on the link to play the file.

Available positions in Chamber Choir are limited.  PLEASE don’t be discouraged if you do not make it – stay in choir and try again next year!  Many of the students in Chamber did not go directly into Chamber their sophomore year.

The audition performance file has a starting pitch count-off (123, 12) you come in on beat 3.

Star Spangled Banner pdf

Chamber Choir Audition SSB Perf File

Star Spangled Banner Sop 2

Star Spangled Banner Alto 1

Star Spangled Banner Alto 2

Star Spangled Banner Ten 1

Star Spangled Banner Ten 2

Star Spangled Banner Bass 1

Star Spangled Banner Bass 2

Star Spangled Banner Bass 2 alone