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Week of October 22

The Fundraiser delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, October 23rd.  Please plan to take your orders with you after school.  I will stay until 4:30 p.m.  If the delivery is after school, plan to pick up and deliver orders on Wednesday.  Please collect money upon delivery if you have not already collected.  I have record of advance payments if you need it.  Turn in all money and get orders delivered by Thursday.  I need ALL money turned in on Friday or before.

Both Choirs: Please go to your choir page (ask leadership or another choir member for password) and review plans for the week.  BE PREPARED.  Practice your part.  No excuses.  The Christmas concert should reflect growth and improvement!  You CAN do this!!

Monday, December 10th is our Christmas Concert.  It has been on the calendar since last spring.  Please be sure to have that night available.  Communicate with your parents, coach, employer, etc. to assure you will be there.  Mandatory performance.

Chamber Choir:  Thursday, November 8th – Veteran’s Day Concert.  Mandatory performance.  Be sure you communicate with parents, coach, employer, etc. to assure you will be there.  This performance is very rewarding and important.

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