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Week of August 20th

Both choirs – go to your choir page to see plans for the week.  Concert Choir – if you forgot the password, ask another choir member or email me at wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com.

Our September 13th Concert is quickly approaching!  I am looking forward to showcasing your voices in our first concert of the year.  Please do your part by practicing outside of class by utilizing the CHARMS Student App.  All files are posted there.  Please ask me if you have any questions about accessing files.

I have extended the deadline for Super Saver Cards and Save Around Books to Wednesday, August 22nd.  Please be sure ALL money and unsold cards are turned in by the deadline.

Concert Choir – Your T-shirt Fee ($17) and Class Fee ($10) are DUE.  I need to get your T-shirts ordered!  Please pay as soon as possible.

Chamber Choir – New uniform fees, Class Fee ($10) and Choral Festival Fee ($10) are DUE.  Measurements for uniforms need to be done this week.  Come see me to get measured.

This week, we will be kicking off our Choral Program Snap-Raise Fundraiser!  Monday is the Homework Session (about 25 minutes of class) and Thursday is  the Kick-Off (same amount of time).  PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

Our Choral Program is mostly self-funded, so this is a major part of our budget for the year.  Proceeds from Snap-Raise go toward replacing old equipment, new choral chairs and new choral acoustic shells for concerts as well as awards, participation medals and special recognitions for our year-end concert in April.  All of these needs benefit ALL choir members by providing a quality, state-of-the-art choral education experience.  In addition to those needs, funds are also used to cover transportation to choral adjudication festival, MTVA events, purchasing music and travel.  

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