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VOICE CLASS for Skinny Block 2017-2018!

I am happy to announce I will be offering a voice class next year during skinny block.  Originally, it did not show up on the course options sent out yesterday, but that has been fixed.  The class will include a master class setting so individual instruction can take place as well.  All students will have the option to perform one of their pieces at a spring recital (hopefully, off-site).

We will spend some time preparing for MTVA auditions in August and September followed by learning a variety of literature including classical, contemporary a cappella and Broadway!  At the end of the year, you will have a repertoire of music ready for any type of audition including college music scholarship, college choir, musicals and advanced a cappella groups.

SO EXCITED to dig in to this awesome opportunity to share my passion for solo literature, a cappella and Broadway with you!

Sign up today!!  Deadline May 26. Click on link below.


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