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Choral Festival on Wednesday

Choral Festival on Wednesday:  You are going to represent WCHS Music Department with pride and excellence!  I am proud of all of you – sing with purpose!

Check in with your first period teacher then come to the choir room.  Please arrive in full concert uniform.  Bring a change of clothes for our return to school if you don’t want to wear your uniform to afternoon classes.  Guys – be sure your uniform pieces are kept together after our return and take it home after school.   Everyone’s backpacks, etc. will be stored in locked storage while at the festival.  No backpacks or purses will go with us to the festival.  Ladies, please figure out a way to keep your phone/money under your uniform.  Wearing shorts or a thin, flat purse under your dress will provide a place to store your money/phone.

Arrive with a positive, cooperative attitude!  This is going to be a special day!  Please ask class officers first BEFORE asking me any questions on Wednesday.

Phones will be powered off upon arrival to the festival and may be turned back on when we exit the church.  Mr. Simpkins and I will be collecting phones from those who do not follow the above rule.

LOCATION:  First United Methodist Church Murfreesboro.

We will stop for fast food before leaving Murfreesboro.

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