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Week of January 23rd

Chamber Choir:  Please go to your choir page and review plans for this week.  We need to be sure Sing Me To Heaven, The Road Home and Jabula Jesu are fully confident as soon as possible.  I would also like to have Halleluia performance-ready by the end of next week.  Our major focus should be projection and singing with a full, open sound.  This choir has great talent – I am looking forward to hearing you grow and prepare for choral festival.

Women’s Chorale:  Please go to your choir page and review plans for this week.  In order to be fully prepared for Choral Festival, all choir members need to focus on learning their part.  Once you are confident on your part, we can create music through attention to dynamics, diction, vowels and expression of text.  Such a lovely sound already!

ORLANDO PARTICIPANTS:  I have only hear from four students regarding rooming preferences.  If you do not let me know your preferences by Tuesday, I will assign roommates.  No guarantees that your request will be honored, but it will give me guidance in creating the rooming list which is required to be submitted by Wednesday.

Final Balance of your trip is due on February 6th – check your trip balance on Charms or contact me for final payment amount.

Let’s have a great week of singing!


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