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Week of October 31st

The Veteran’s Day Concert (Chamber Choir only) is next Thursday, November 10th – 6:30 in the choir room, in concert uniform.  Concert is free and begins at 7:00 p.m.   Invite family and friends to join us in honoring our veterans.  We will probably be rehearsing with Symphonic Band one or two times the week of the concert during lunch.  More information to follow.

Chamber Choir:  I decided to pull The Earth Adorned from the December program so we can focus on gaining confidence on all other pieces. Check your choir page for preparation/memorization deadlines and class plans for this week.  Be sure to get your music memorized sooner rather than later!  The prep/mem deadlines are going to be due weekly through Thanksgiving break.

Concert Choir We will continue to focus on expression through dynamics and diction.  Your work in the area of diction has shown great improvement.  We will also be working on listening and matching pitch across the choir.

Trip Participants:  If you haven’t already, check the Orlando Trip link above to see updates on the trip.  If you can’t remember the password, please email me at morinl@wcschools.com

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