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Week of September 26th

Yankee Candle Fundraiser!  Sell Yankee Candles and receive 40% to your account (if your name is entered at checkout or a catalog order is placed with you).  If you don’t think you need the money in your account, please consider selling to benefit the WCHS Choral Program.  Either way, the students will benefit!  See Instructions below.


Chamber Choir:  See the Chamber page for daily plans for the week.  Please invest time in preparation earlier rather than later.  We all know repetition (practice) builds knowledge which results in relaxation.  You will sing confidently and fully if you are sure of your part.  New Chamber Members:  Be sure to listen to your part for Battle Hymn of the Republic, America, The Beautiful, Taps and Star-Spangled Banner for the Veteran’s Day Concert on November 10th.  We will be preparing those pieces directly after break – please be confident on your part at that time.

Looking forward to reading through December music this week!

Concert Choir:  We will be reading through December concert music this week.  Home On That Rock is going to be one of the first pieces ready for performance.  After reading through possible pieces this week, I will be posting practice files to assist with your preparation.  My goal is to go through all the December music at least twice before break!


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