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Fall Concert Recordings

I just finished posting the concert recordings.  They are posted on your choir’s page.  There is an atmospheric “rumble” present in the recording which is probably fans or air conditioning.  Other than that, the quality turned out decent.

I feel compelled to say this first – there is always room for improvement in every area, dedication to practice/preparation, tone quality, balance, blend, diction, vowels, expression, dynamics, breath support, phrasing, etc.  Now that the disclaimer has been stated, I’ll share with you that I believe I will look back on this semester, this chamber and concert choir, as a major highlight in my career at Wilson Central.  Your focus on singing AS A CHOIR instead of as individuals comes through beautifully in every performance.  Congratulations!!!!

Now, let’s get back to work!

2 thoughts on “Fall Concert Recordings

  1. Hey Lynn,

    What are the dates for the Yankee Candle fundraiser?

    Sharon Bowen

    Harrison’s Lock Service

    Phone 615-444-1414

    Fax 615-444-5151

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