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2016-2017 Chamber Choir and Women’s Chorale Rosters

Congratulations to ALL who auditioned.  Just as I anticipated, I had some very tough decisions to make.  In the end, I think both chamber and women’s choirs will be well-balanced and have outstanding potential!

Please be sure to subscribe to this website, if you haven’t already.  It is a two-step process: enter your email, click subscribe; then go to your email and confirm the subscription.

If you know any 8th graders who are currently in choir, please encourage them to contact me and sign up for concert choir next year!  I had an awesome concert choir this year and have high hopes for another.

I am already selecting music for next year….it is going to be great!

2016-2017 Chamber Choir

Sop 1 Malaya-Jade E

Sop 1 Kimmi F

Sop 1 Olivia G

Sop 1 DaySun K

Sop 1 Michaela Z

Sop 2 Eleanor B

Sop 2 Ajah F

Sop 2 Tabby S

Sop 2 Karen T

Sop 2 Haley T

Alto 1 Molly Grace C

Alto 1 Victoria H

Alto 1 Micah H

Alto 1 Emma K V

Alto 1 Graci W

Alto 2 Somyyah B

Alto 2 Carly D

Alto 2 Brooke F

Alto 2 Ali G

Alto 2 Julia L

Tenor Jason B

Tenor Jake D

Tenor Michael M

Baritone/Tenor Quinton T

Baritone/Bass Guy P

Baritone/Bass Leon R

Bass Ty M

Bass Jared S

Bass Landon Y

2016-2017 Women’s Choir

Sop 1 Elizabeth H

Sop 1 MacClaine G

Sop 1 Autumn S

Sop 1 Arianna V

Sop 1 Chloe R

Sop 2 Abigail B

Sop 2 Grace C

Sop 2 Erin F

Sop 2 Kristi I

Sop 2 Grace J

Sop 2 Kaylee M

Sop 2 Dhvani P

Sop 2 Esperanza P

Alto Christina B

Alto Maggie B

Alto Sophia C

Alto Brittany C

Alto Sydney F

Alto Abigail P

Alto Kendal S

Alto Sydney S

Alto Bethany S


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