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Week of April 18th

Busy week ahead!  Concert music for both choirs needs to be fully memorized on Monday.  Chamber Choir members are not required to have the Stroope music memorized on the 18th, but fully confident using music and near memorization.  Stroope pieces are: Aura Lee, Saints Bound for Heaven, John Saw Duh Numbuh, Goin’ to Boston, Sometimes I Feel, Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal.

Tuesday and Thursday, we will be holding a combined choirs rehearsal the first half of lunch, please be on time.

Chamber Choir auditions will be held after school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sign up for a time on my office door. Chamber and Women’s Chorale members may choose to audition during class on April 27th.  Everyone is required to audition.  Don’t worry about auditions.  Just prepare and sing, just like you do in choir.

Stroope/Ryman participants:  Well, it is finally here!  I am so looking forward to your experience with Dr. Stroope.  Tomorrow, I will be sending out an email update through Charms.  If you have not been receiving any email updates through Charms, be sure to send an email to wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com and I will update your Charms information.

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