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Feeling inspired at All-State!  I have had the pleasure of listening to the rehearsals for TTBB, SSAA and SATB ensembles.  I was most impressed by the singers’ willingness and desire to create an intentional, beautiful sound together.  This was the result of active singing, constantly marking music, applying every direction given by their conductor.  Both Women’s Chorale and Chamber Choir had their moments this week in the same regard.  Let’s make the decision to move away from “moments” and move toward constant intentional choral singing.  You can do this!

Do whatever YOU need to do to meet your memorization deadlines.  See previous post.  Also, we will have our combined choirs rehearsal the first half of lunch on Tuesday and Thursday, April 19 & 21.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Robert Shaw, who arranged most of the pieces Chamber Choir is singing next weekend with Dr. Stroope.  Can’t wait!

“It is the nature of music, unlike painting and most of literature, that its final creation is not its original creation.  Music needs to be sounded, needs to be sung.  It needs to be heard.  In this sense, the composer must leave his/her work to be finished by others.  Namely us.  Can you imagine Michelangelo asking us to come in and help finish the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?”

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