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Week of March 28th

Chamber Choir sings at the Wilson County School Board Meeting next Monday, April 4th.  Choir Polo shirts and jeans/pants (no holes), arrive at 5:30 p.m.  At 6:00 p.m., we will open the meeting with The National Anthem and follow up with Swing Down or Famine Song.  This is a mandatory, graded performance. 

Chamber Choir:  We have a great deal of music to prepare, but we are on track to get it done!  I know you are more than capable to meet the challenge over the next few weeks. 🙂 Monday, we will read through Saints Bound and Aura Lee along with other Ryman pieces as time permits.  Over the next two weeks, please make memorization a priority for Famine Song, That Ever I Saw, Where Your Bare Foot Walks, Omnia Sol, Alma Mater and Why We SingJohn Saw Duh Numbuh, Goin’ to Boston, Aura Lee and Saints Bound for Heaven need to be fully confident and nearly memorized by April 18th.

Plan to be prepared for S/A and T/B singing tests the week of April 11th (all music except for Omnia Sol, Alma Mater, Lord Bless and Keep You and Why We Sing).  Don’t hesitate to ask for help or  ask for a practice cd or ask that part files be sent by email…no excuses.   I’m available for 30 minute sectionals right after school on Thursday this week and Tuesday/Thursday next week, if interested.

Women’s Chorale:  I am pulling When First I Saw Your Face and replacing it with a beautiful song – She Sings.  We’ll read through it this week – it should come together fairly quickly.  We have a good amount of music to prepare, but you are doing a great job of learning parts so far – keep it up!  Please work on memorization of all your pieces including Alma Mater, Omnia Sol, Lord Bless and Keep You and Why We Sing.  This week, you will receive whatever pieces you are missing.

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