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Week of January 11th

Chamber Choir:  Looking forward to our second semester together!  I have high hopes for your potential to accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself.  I will not be at school on Monday afternoon, so please use class time wisely by reviewing music, writing pronunciations in music for Muie Rendera, listening to part and performance examples on choir website.  Tuesday through Friday, we will be working through (marking music, noting pronunciations, cut-offs, dynamics, map the music, etc.) Muie Rendera, Sometimes I Feel and Where Your Bare Foot Walks.  We will continue to sing through Ave Maria and  Swing Down.  All practice files have been posted.  Along with rehearsing music, we will practice sight-singing and reading rhythm patterns in order to prepare for the Choral Festival.

Women’s Chorale:  I enjoyed the opportunity to hear each of you sing last week.  This is going to be a wonderful semester for Women’s Chorale!  We will finish up voice placements on Monday and begin working through each piece.  I noticed some lovely moments last week while singing warm-ups and Allunday.  If you continue to work toward a beautiful choral sound and practice your part outside of class, we are going to have a tremendous first concert performance together in February.  Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog!

We need to do uniform measurements this week and nominate/vote for choir officers.  Also, please be sure to bring in your uniform fee – check payable to WCHS Choral Boosters.

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