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Week of November 16th

Concert Choir:  Continue to practice your part!  Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Siyahamba are coming along nicely.  Be sure to spend some time on Carols Around and Turn the World Around so we can confidently sing through this week.

Chamber Choir:  Memorization has changed to “preparation” – fully prepared with music demonstrating correct pitch, diction, vowels, articulation, dynamics, cut-offs, etc.  We will not be testing preparation on Monday and Tuesday.  Stay ahead on future deadlines to ensure confidence on your part.  Feel free to see me for assistance outside of class, if necessary.  We have some amazing pieces to perform on December 12th!  Let’s do the work now so we can enjoy the performance.

General Music:  We will begin learning about music from Broadway.  Included in this unit will be learning about Stephen Sondheim and his many accomplishments composing for Broadway. We will view a full musical as well.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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