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Friday, November 6

If I could choose when to be sick – I wouldn’t choose now!! 🙂  Thank you, in advance, for doing your best today.

Concert Choir:  Sing through Siyahamba a couple times and, if any of you are comfortable enough with the piano, you can practice parts with the whole group or within your sections.  Please have a quiet study hall if you are not singing.  If you choose to play the song game, keep it fun, but control the noise levels!

Chamber Choir:  So sorry I am out today. Please run through all your Veteran’s Day music including Star-Spangled Banner.  After about 30 minutes, please send a student over to see if band is ready to run through Armed Forces Salute.  After practicing with them, come back to the classroom and practice December concert music on your own (listening to your part and following along in music), in sections or as a group.  Averi and Sarah may hand out the music on my desk – each set includes Christmas Time is Here and Rudolph/Frosty medley.

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