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Week of November 2nd

Concert Choir:  Finish reviewing parts for Hope for Resolution, Carols Around and Turn the World Around.  We will focus on learning parts for Christmas Time is Here, Mr. Grinch and  Rudolph/Frosty.   Thank you for your focus!  Please continue to practice outside of class to help make class time more productive.  We need to pay close attention to dynamics, diction and vowel formation.

Chamber Choir:  Each day, we’ll sing through the Veteran’s Day Concert Program.  Please be fully prepared.  Remember, you need to sing your part for America, the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic and TapsArmed Forces Salute needs to be strong on melody, so singing harmony is not required.  After singing through the Veteran’s Day music, we will work diligently on I Am Not Yours, Lux Aurumque, Sure on this Shining Night, Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal and Throw Open Your Shutters.  Depending on remaining time each day, we will read through some of the easier pieces – Mr. Grinch, Christmas Time is Here, Rudolph/Frosty.  By the end of the week, I’ll have a better idea if we need to look at cutting any of our concert pieces.

Have a great week of singing!


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