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Voice Assignments for December Concert

All music will be normal voice assignments with the exception of Lux and Hope for Resolution.  See below and make note on your music.  I’ll go over it in class on Monday as well.  Have a safe, fun weekend!

Hope for Resolution

m. 10 – Everyone

A & B – Choir 1Concert and Chamber Sopranos;  Choir 2:  Concert Altos, Chamber and Concert Tenors, Chamber Altos: Meredith, Sarah, Delaney, Casey;  Choir 3:  Concert and Chamber Basses, Chamber Altos: Lyndsey, Brooke, Mandy, Makayla, Kat.

C & D – SATB All

E & F – Zulu SATB:  Choirs 2 and 3 plus Averi, Delaney G, Molly, Michaela, Kat, Mandy on Soprano; Unison descant melody:  remaining members of Choir 1.


Normal voice assignments for Alto, Tenor, Bass.

m.34 – Sop 1 – Allison, DaySun;  Sop 2 – Michaela, Rachel, Averi, Julia, Delaney;  Sop 3 – Malaya, Ashton, Brittany, Molly.

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