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Week of August 31st

Concert Choir:  Memorization dates are below.  Please be sure you know your part confidently (without music) by these dates.  Individual preparation is key right now.  Practice outside of class to assist in meeting this important deadline.  Our class time beginning this week will be focused on dynamics, diction, articulation, interpretation of text and overall expression of each piece. Looking forward to bringing our pieces to performance quality!

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms:  Sept. 4Dreams of Thee:  Sept. 9Why We Sing and Praise His Holy Name:  Sept 14.

Chamber Choir:  Keep up with your preparation dates!  Solo auditions for City Called Heaven will be this Thursday. Many of you are making great progress in your preparation and I thank you for your efforts. If any of you are still struggling after practicing your part, ask for help.  I am happy to assist!  WCHS Chamber Choir is made up of talented individuals, but in rehearsal and performance everyone needs to be unified as one voice, equally contributing to a common goal of an elite performance which is the result of continuous, “best-effort” preparation.  I do not expect every member to be at the same level of ability, but I do expect every member to have the same work ethic.  I have a challenge for every chamber member, now and in your future (one that I have given to previous choirs as well)…..transcend mediocrity – make excellence a priority.

Looking forward to a great week of singing!

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