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Week of August 26th

Concert Choir:  Please take the time to practice your part outside of class.  This will allow us to sing through songs in class without stopping.  After a few weeks with the music, focus tends to weaken.  As we approach the concert, put the extra effort in now to help assure a strong performance on September 22nd!

Chamber Choir:  Good work today getting to know the map of Praise His Holy Name!  Listen to the practice files here or on Charms, please.  I noticed some of you are already working on memorization.  Everyone needs to work toward confident memorization of music by the dates listed below.  I suggest singing your part with a different practice file – i.e., if you are a bass, sing your part with the tenor, soprano or alto practice file.  This will also help you when it comes time to sing your part in a quartet for the singing test.  The singing test will take place after the memorization dates below.

If any of you are interested in singing in an SATB, SSA or TBB small ensemble for the Christmas Concert, please let me know.  It would require extra preparation on your part, but I think your feature performances will be very well-received!

Chamber Memorization Dates:  (full memorization of your part including articulation and dynamic markings.  Write these dates on your music as a reminder.)

City Called Heaven – Sept. 3 (solo auditions 3rd & 4th)

This Marriage – Sept. 7

Locus Iste – Sept. 11

Praise His Holy Name – Sept. 11

Asikha Thali – Sept. 14

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