Week of August 29th

Solo Auditions this week.

Concert Choir polos and Chamber uniform payments are due by September 1st.  

Chamber and Women’s Choir Members:  Orlando Trip Kick-Off Meeting is Tuesday, August 30th, at 7:00 p.m. in the choir room.  If you are interested in the trip, plan to attend this very important meeting.  I prefer a parent/guardian is present, but plan to be there if your parents cannot make it.

Chamber Choir:  Visit the Chamber Choir page for an overview of the week and solo audition information.  Check page for updated information.

Concert Choir:   Hallelujah and How Can I Keep From Singing solo auditions will be Tuesday.  Hallelujah, How Can I Keep From Singing and Like a Mighty Stream preparation dates are this week!  Practice your part outside of class so we can move toward full performance of each piece.  We will also continue to focus on learning parts for Ye Banks and Braes and Home on That Rock

Looking forward to a great week of singing!

Chamber Choir

I am going to hold O Nata Lux for the December concert and add Adoramus Te to the September concert.  We will read through and learn parts for Adoramus Te tomorrow in class.  All files are posted.  It is a beautiful piece!  This way, we will have more time to work through O Nata Lux, but still have a beautiful Latin piece for the Fall Concert.  Thank you for your musicianship, focus and hard work. Practice, practice practice!

Week of August 22nd

Monday, August 22nd, is the final day of our Smart Savings Card Fundraiser. Please be sure all money and unsold smart cards are turned in.

Chamber Choir:  Please go to the Chamber Choir page to review plans for this week.  We will focus on vowel placement and uniformity in all pieces.  We will also be reviewing basic fundamentals of music theory.  Solo auditions will take place the week of August 29th.  See me if you have any questions or need assistance!  Continue to utilize the practice files in your preparation.  Repetition will raise your confidence in class.

LADIES – please be sure you have black closed-toe shoes for concert dress, black nylons/socks as well (knee highs are fine).  No sandals or flip-flops.

Those who need a Chamber dress or tux:  Be sure your payment is turned in by September 1st.  See me if you have any questions/concerns.  I will take measurements before ordering.

Polo shirts will be ordered on September 1st as well, so if you need a polo shirt or want a new one, be sure to let me know your size along with paying $23.  Parents are welcome to order polos!

Concert Choir:   Last week, there were many moments of strong, confident part-singing.  Your first WCHS Concert performance has great potential!  We will continue to focus on balance, vowel placement, dynamics and expression.  New piece will be introduced this week.  Please be aware of preparation dates (confident on part with music) – Like a Mighty Stream and How Can I Keep from Singing preparation dates are Friday, August 26th.

Polo shirts are required for concert uniform – be sure to give me your size and pay $23 by September 1st.  If you haven’t already begun, please begin looking for the rest of your required uniform – you are responsible to have black dress pants (not leggings or jeans), black socks and solid black closed-toe shoes.

Week of August 15th

Don’t forget to participate in the Smart Card fundraiser!  This is the last week.  All money and unsold smart cards need to be turned in by Friday.  If you need an extension to Monday, please see me.  Every fundraiser is an opportunity to save money on expenses throughout the year!

Concert Choir:  We will continue to develop our choral sound through proper vowels, diction, posture and listening.  Please listen to your practice files for the following pieces and be prepared for your preparation and memorization deadlines.  We will focus on:  How Can I Keep from Singing, Like a Mighty Stream, Ye Banks and Braes along with a new piece, If Ye Love Me.  You will also be receiving Hallelujah.

Chamber Choir:  Please go to the Chamber Choir page for a breakdown of sections we will be working through this week.  Ask for a practice cd, if you need one.  Otherwise, spend some time listening to your part!

Virtual Choir Opportunity

This is similar to Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir.  I enjoyed connecting with singers all over the world every time I participated.  Phantom of the Opera is creating a virtual choir to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!  Click on the link below.

#SingForMe Choir Project