Week of February 24

Congratulations on strong performances at last week’s Choral Adjudication Festival.  Every one of our choir members represented Wilson Central HS and Choral Program with pride.  Especially proud of your respectful behavior in the audience at festival and during our lunch stop.  Proud of all of you!

Both choirs – please check your choir page for daily plans.  Please be familiar with the sections we will be working in class.

Chamber Choir and Aca-Flockas – March 2nd is the Wilson County All-Sing.  Please keep the afternoon and evening free.  We have not decided on rehearsal time yet, but there should be a decision by mid-week.  Chamber will perform in the first half and Aca-Flockas will perform the second half.  Finale piece is Swing Down – please be fully lyrics are confident and sing out!!

MTVA Choral Festival Tuesday, February 18th

Be in the choir room, in correct uniform, by 8:30 a.m.  Ladies – don’t forget black knee highs or tights.  This is an important performance – look professional.  Drink plenty of water, get sleep, and take care of your voice (your instrument) over the weekend!  Looking forward to showcasing both choirs at Choral Adjudication Festival on Tuesday!  I know you will be awesome.

Week of January 27th

Go to your choir page to see daily plans.  Our goal this week will be work toward memorization and sing more freely.  Please make progress toward this goal while I am in New England.  Continuous repetition will reap great benefits at our concert performance and at the choral adjudication festival.

Combined Concert with Gladeville Choirs – Tuesday, February 11th, AT GLADEVILLE MS Auditorium!  Please arrange transportation in advance and plan ahead – this is a mandatory performance.  The date has been on the calendar since August.  Be in the GMS choir room (or designated area) by 6:30 p.m. sharp, in uniform and ready to sing.  Concert begins at 7:00 p.m. – Free Admission.  For those who do not know, Gladeville MS is on the same road as Gladeville Elementary, once you pass GE, just keep driving and you will see GMS on the right.  Take first entrance and park in right side or back parking lots. (GPS might take you to Gladeville Elementary – continue on same road).

Week of January 13th

Both choirs need to check their pages for daily plans.  Keep up with daily work so we can move toward focusing on dynamics, expression, phrasing, etc.  Don’t forget to use The Practice Room resources for sight-reading and rhythm-reading!

Women’s Chorale and Chamber new members:  Uniform payment is due by Tuesday, January 21st.  Please see me if you have any questions or concerns.

I will be out on Thursday and Friday – Any work assigned by sub must be turned in by the end of class each day.