Choral Festival on Wednesday

Choral Festival on Wednesday:  You are going to represent WCHS Music Department with pride and excellence!  I am proud of all of you – sing with purpose!

Check in with your first period teacher then come to the choir room.  Please arrive in full concert uniform.  Bring a change of clothes for our return to school if you don’t want to wear your uniform to afternoon classes.  Guys – be sure your uniform pieces are kept together after our return and take it home after school.   Everyone’s backpacks, etc. will be stored in locked storage while at the festival.  No backpacks or purses will go with us to the festival.  Ladies, please figure out a way to keep your phone/money under your uniform.  Wearing shorts or a thin, flat purse under your dress will provide a place to store your money/phone.

Arrive with a positive, cooperative attitude!  This is going to be a special day!  Please ask class officers first BEFORE asking me any questions on Wednesday.

Phones will be powered off upon arrival to the festival and may be turned back on when we exit the church.  Mr. Simpkins and I will be collecting phones from those who do not follow the above rule.

LOCATION:  First United Methodist Church Murfreesboro.

We will stop for fast food before leaving Murfreesboro.


There are many students in Women’s Chorale who would require a ride to the school for rehearsal in the middle of the day.  I stepped back and realized we would not have the type of full choir rehearsal we need on Friday.

Please help me spread the word about the cancelled rehearsal and remind each other to study your music so we have a strong, performance-level class on Tuesday!
Keep practicing!!

Rehearsals planned for this week!

In preparation for choral festival next Wednesday, I will hold a rehearsal this week for each choir.  Chamber Choir will meet on Wednesday from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. and Women’s Chorale will meet on Friday at 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  Attendance is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Women’s Chorale members will be able to pick up their dress on Friday at rehearsal.

Send me an email if you have any questions.

Trip participants – bring your completed forms to rehearsal.

Mrs. Morin

Week of February 13th

MTVA Choral Festival is next Wednesday!  Be sure you are fully confident and memorized by due date.  Check your choir page this week’s plans.

Next Wednesday, February 22nd, we will board the bus, in full concert uniform, at 9:00 a.m.  This week, both choirs will focus on preparing Festival pieces.  The following week, we will be at Watertown HS on Thursday, March 2nd.  See previous post for more information.

Trip participants:  Be sure to check the Orlando Trip page often for updates.  I will have a packet for you to take home and review with your parents – should be distributed by Thursday.

Looking forward to a strong week of preparation!

Week of February 6th

Upcoming performances – Mark your calendar and clear with work and family:

Tuesday, February 7th during school day – Rotary Luncheon at Lebanon Country Club – best school clothes, please – board bus at 11:30 a.m. grand hallway entrance;

MTVA Choral Adjudication Festival – Wednesday, February 22nd – board bus at 9:30 a.m., in uniform;

Thursday, March 2nd – Wilson County All-Sing at Watertown High School – rehearsal 4:30-5:45, bring uniform and something to eat. Put personal belongings under seats in our section.  If you have your own transportation, you may leave to eat and change, but you need to be in the auditorium at 6:45 p.m. – traffic/parking is not an excuse.  No phones during concert.

Both Choirs: Check your choir page to review plans for this week.  Please be sure your Choral Festival pieces are confidently memorized by the memorization date.

Looking forward to a great week of singing!


Week of January 30th

Both Choirs:  Please go to your choir page to access plans for the week and practice resources.  We will begin focusing on preparation for the Choral Adjudication Festival, so please spend extra time practicing outside of class.  Our goal over the next two weeks is to bring the pieces to performance level by paying attention to the style and musicality of each piece.  Keep in mind proper singing posture, relaxed jaw, open vowels, projection, diction, expression of text, dynamics and singing in a style appropriate for each piece.

Have a great week of singing!

Week of January 23rd

Chamber Choir:  Please go to your choir page and review plans for this week.  We need to be sure Sing Me To Heaven, The Road Home and Jabula Jesu are fully confident as soon as possible.  I would also like to have Halleluia performance-ready by the end of next week.  Our major focus should be projection and singing with a full, open sound.  This choir has great talent – I am looking forward to hearing you grow and prepare for choral festival.

Women’s Chorale:  Please go to your choir page and review plans for this week.  In order to be fully prepared for Choral Festival, all choir members need to focus on learning their part.  Once you are confident on your part, we can create music through attention to dynamics, diction, vowels and expression of text.  Such a lovely sound already!

ORLANDO PARTICIPANTS:  I have only hear from four students regarding rooming preferences.  If you do not let me know your preferences by Tuesday, I will assign roommates.  No guarantees that your request will be honored, but it will give me guidance in creating the rooming list which is required to be submitted by Wednesday.

Final Balance of your trip is due on February 6th – check your trip balance on Charms or contact me for final payment amount.

Let’s have a great week of singing!