Week of February 18th – Festival week!

Both choirs – go to your choir page for daily plans and important details about Choral Festival.  Leadership – please send a message to choir members encouraging them to check their choir page.

Trust the rehearsal process.  Apply the important refinements and corrections made on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Resist the urge to perform different from rehearsal – sing within the umbrella of your section and choir.  You will do a wonderful job!!

All-Sing Tickets and T-Shirts – online link

Chamber Choir is the only choir performing at All-Sing, so this message does not apply to Women’s Chorale members unless they plan to attend the concert on their own.

See below for information about the link to purchase All-Sing tickets and T-Shirt.  You can also purchase tickets and tshirts at the door (while supplies last).

The website to buy tickets and Tshirts is up and running.  The website is www.mjnoonrotary.com.  Tickets are $10 and Tshirts are $15—if you buy a Tshirt and a ticket together it will be $22 dollars instead of $25.00.


Be sure you are fully confident and memorized on Monday.  We will be focusing exclusively on the composer’s intent for each piece by refining phrasing, blend, dynamics, articulation, rhythm, expression of text and style.  Go to Charms to practice.  We will not be reviewing parts.  No excuses!  Looking forward to a week of focused work and beautiful singing!

Week of January 28th

Go to your choir page to see daily plans and expectations.  Please take your binder home on Monday.  If we have a snow day, review your music using the part files on Charms.  Memorization dates do not change if school is closed.

Both choirs are making steady progress on bringing their music to life.  Continue to strive for confidence on your part.

Looking forward to a great week of singing!