Orlando Trip Update

Orlando trip participants – click on the trip page above!  An updated preliminary itinerary has been posted along with pictures, maps and hotel link.

Check for a recent email from me sent via Charms with itinerary attached and password for Orlando Trip page.  If you did not receive this email, please let me know.  Questions? Send me an email at morinl@wcschools.com or wilsoncentralchoirs@gmail.com.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Choir members – share this page with family, friends and community members.  Yankee Candle’s Autumn/Winter selection is full of high quality candles and accessories.  The affordable gift sets are perfect for the holidays as well. We are extremely grateful for the support of our loved ones and community members!

Select Wilson Central HS Choirs by entering our group number:  990102104



Nice work!

Let’s try to take group pictures around the piano tomorrow!  No need to wear anything different….just be your natural, awesome selves!

Both choirs have been diligently working through December concert music. Even with the new repertoire, I am hearing moments of outstanding choral singing within each piece.  After reading through parts in class, take the time to review your part at home. Practice (repetition) builds knowledge which leads to relaxation which creates confident, full singing. You can do this!

Congratulations to Aca-Flockas for your dedication to focused rehearsals and the beautiful, balanced sound you are creating.  Proud of you!  Corrected and updated files have been posted on your page.

Two more days of work then….

Have a wonderful break!


Week of October 3rd

Yankee Candle Fundraiser!  I have extra catalogs.  After this Wednesday, customers must make their purchases online (see info below) under our group number.  It is very easy and 40% profit.  Be sure they include your name at check-out.


Chamber Choir:  Preparation and memorization dates are posted on the Chamber page along with plans for each day this week.  Spend time every day listening to and/or practicing your part.  You have such tremendous potential for the December concert!  Our goal is to raise the bar and improve with every performance.  Consider the evaluation you completed for the last concert performance….what can YOU do to raise the score?  Thank you for your focus during class – the end result will be a performance better than the last.  

MTVA Auditions:  Those who are registered need to be spending time with their music DAILY.  Audition cuts and schedule will be released during break.  I will post updates here.  Be sure you are subscribed to this site.  Contact me if you would like to get together during break to work on your audition music.  There are sight-singing examples posted on the MTVA audition page.

Concert Choir:  Check your page for preparation and memorization deadlines.  I am so pleased with your progress!!  Keep up the good work.  We will begin reviewing parts for Noel, Noel, Why We Sing, and Throw Open Your Shutters this week.  We will also listen to/follow along with performance examples of Mr. Grinch, Christmas Time is Here and Rudolph/Frosty.

Week of September 26th

Yankee Candle Fundraiser!  Sell Yankee Candles and receive 40% to your account (if your name is entered at checkout or a catalog order is placed with you).  If you don’t think you need the money in your account, please consider selling to benefit the WCHS Choral Program.  Either way, the students will benefit!  See Instructions below.


Chamber Choir:  See the Chamber page for daily plans for the week.  Please invest time in preparation earlier rather than later.  We all know repetition (practice) builds knowledge which results in relaxation.  You will sing confidently and fully if you are sure of your part.  New Chamber Members:  Be sure to listen to your part for Battle Hymn of the Republic, America, The Beautiful, Taps and Star-Spangled Banner for the Veteran’s Day Concert on November 10th.  We will be preparing those pieces directly after break – please be confident on your part at that time.

Looking forward to reading through December music this week!

Concert Choir:  We will be reading through December concert music this week.  Home On That Rock is going to be one of the first pieces ready for performance.  After reading through possible pieces this week, I will be posting practice files to assist with your preparation.  My goal is to go through all the December music at least twice before break!


Fall Concert Recordings

I just finished posting the concert recordings.  They are posted on your choir’s page.  There is an atmospheric “rumble” present in the recording which is probably fans or air conditioning.  Other than that, the quality turned out decent.

I feel compelled to say this first – there is always room for improvement in every area, dedication to practice/preparation, tone quality, balance, blend, diction, vowels, expression, dynamics, breath support, phrasing, etc.  Now that the disclaimer has been stated, I’ll share with you that I believe I will look back on this semester, this chamber and concert choir, as a major highlight in my career at Wilson Central.  Your focus on singing AS A CHOIR instead of as individuals comes through beautifully in every performance.  Congratulations!!!!

Now, let’s get back to work!