I just tried to log in to this website at the school and it looks like WordPress is blocked because it is categorized as a blog.   Just be aware that if you need access to any files or documents while using a school computer, use Charms instead.

Looking forward to Monday!  For curious Chamber Choir members, I have posted a few files (pdf, part files, performance examples) to your page here and soon on Charms.

Basically, over the next week, you will see daily changes to each choir page! If you need the password for choir pages on this site – log in to Charms and check the “News”.


I haven’t linked this to the WCHS website, but I just noticed my first three WCHS subscribers to the blog.  Yay!  There should be some sort of reward for their awesome Google skills.  Should be linked to the WCHS website soon, though.  Lots of new files, etc. will be posted here and on Charms over the next week, so keep checking for updates. I love the music for our fall concert….hope you all will as well.  See you very soon!