Mid-State Audition Info and Thank You…

The Mid-State audition schedule was posted today.  I sent audition times via Charms email.  Let me know if you did not receive the information.

Please note:  I need to cancel tomorrow’s (Thursday) MTVA audition workshop.  I will be available for the three remaining scheduled times next week: Tue- 1:00-3:30; Wed and Thu – 10:00-12:30 and Tue, Oct 20. – 3:30-4:30.

I wanted to thank Delaney G and her parents for hosting our party last Saturday.  They were the perfect hosts.  Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us!

Week of September 28th and Fall Break

We will begin reading through new music this week.  Please check this website and Charms over break for December concert practice files.  We have a good amount of music to learn, so please be prepared earlier this time!  I will be posting memorization dates as well.

Mid-State and Freshman Honors Auditions – If you have not picked up a packet, please do so. There is a calendar in the packet showing when I will be available to work on audition pieces, if you need any help.  The audition practice files have been posted on Charms for two months, so you should be comfortable singing through your part by now.  See me if you have further questions.

Chamber Choir:  Please be fully prepared to sing through the following pieces confidently after break.  America, The Beautiful, Star-Spangled Banner, Taps and  know the lyrics for all the songs in The Armed Forces Salute. 


WCHS Fall Choral Concert

Both choirs must be in the choir room in uniform ready to sing at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  We will warm up together then Chamber will go to their seats and Concert will line up and head to the stage.  Concert begins at 7:00 p.m.

The choir room and grand hallway doors will be open at 6:00 p.m.  Please try not to arrive before 6:00 p.m.

Concert Choir members are required to sit in their assigned seats and stay for the duration of the concert.

Concert Choir members – the polos arrived this afternoon.  You must have black dress pants, black shoes, black socks.  Polos will be tucked in.

Chamber Choir ladies – remember, no pearls.

Can’t wait for a wonderful concert!!  You have definitely done the work, now we can enjoy sharing your amazing voices with our family, friends and community.

Go Choir!!!

Week of September 8th and 14th

For those who have subscribed recently, be sure to check your email to confirm the subscription.  Two step process – subscribe on blog and confirm by email.

Both choirs are focused on memorization deadlines and demonstrating full preparation for concert performance.  See previous posts for memorization deadlines.  Memorization includes not only words and notes, but also attention to the nuance of each piece  – expression of text, phrasing, diction, vowel production, tone quality, balance and blend.  Every choir member needs to make a commitment to be personally accountable for his/her own preparation.

Looking forward to a wonderful concert on Tuesday, September 22nd.  This is a mandatory performance – plan accordingly.

Week of August 31st

Concert Choir:  Memorization dates are below.  Please be sure you know your part confidently (without music) by these dates.  Individual preparation is key right now.  Practice outside of class to assist in meeting this important deadline.  Our class time beginning this week will be focused on dynamics, diction, articulation, interpretation of text and overall expression of each piece. Looking forward to bringing our pieces to performance quality!

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms:  Sept. 4Dreams of Thee:  Sept. 9Why We Sing and Praise His Holy Name:  Sept 14.

Chamber Choir:  Keep up with your preparation dates!  Solo auditions for City Called Heaven will be this Thursday. Many of you are making great progress in your preparation and I thank you for your efforts. If any of you are still struggling after practicing your part, ask for help.  I am happy to assist!  WCHS Chamber Choir is made up of talented individuals, but in rehearsal and performance everyone needs to be unified as one voice, equally contributing to a common goal of an elite performance which is the result of continuous, “best-effort” preparation.  I do not expect every member to be at the same level of ability, but I do expect every member to have the same work ethic.  I have a challenge for every chamber member, now and in your future (one that I have given to previous choirs as well)…..transcend mediocrity – make excellence a priority.

Looking forward to a great week of singing!

Week of August 26th

Concert Choir:  Please take the time to practice your part outside of class.  This will allow us to sing through songs in class without stopping.  After a few weeks with the music, focus tends to weaken.  As we approach the concert, put the extra effort in now to help assure a strong performance on September 22nd!

Chamber Choir:  Good work today getting to know the map of Praise His Holy Name!  Listen to the practice files here or on Charms, please.  I noticed some of you are already working on memorization.  Everyone needs to work toward confident memorization of music by the dates listed below.  I suggest singing your part with a different practice file – i.e., if you are a bass, sing your part with the tenor, soprano or alto practice file.  This will also help you when it comes time to sing your part in a quartet for the singing test.  The singing test will take place after the memorization dates below.

If any of you are interested in singing in an SATB, SSA or TBB small ensemble for the Christmas Concert, please let me know.  It would require extra preparation on your part, but I think your feature performances will be very well-received!

Chamber Memorization Dates:  (full memorization of your part including articulation and dynamic markings.  Write these dates on your music as a reminder.)

City Called Heaven – Sept. 3 (solo auditions 3rd & 4th)

This Marriage – Sept. 7

Locus Iste – Sept. 11

Praise His Holy Name – Sept. 11

Asikha Thali – Sept. 14

Week of August 23rd

Everyone:  The deadline for Freshman Honors and Mid-State Honors Choirs is Friday, September 11th.  Be sure to turn in your form and payment by then.

Concert Choir:  Our goal will be to sing through Dreams of Thee this week – beginning to end!  We will continue to learn Why We Sing (parts have been posted) and fix areas that need attention in Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.  Praise His Holy Name (parts posted) will get some focus hopefully every day.  Looking forward to hearing these concert pieces come together!  If you have not turned in your polo form, I need it on Monday!  You must have a polo to participate in the concert.

I will be ordering the polos this week, so please plan to either make payments or pay in full for your polo by our first concert on September 22nd.  Please be sure to have the proper uniform ready for the first concert – black dress pants (no leggings, tight to the leg or jeans), black socks and all black shoes (for ladies-closed toe shoes, please).

Chamber Choir:  We will record The Star-Spangled Banner on Monday.  Hopefully, everyone has taken the time to review the music which will ensure we have a good recording (hopefully, in one take).  We will continue to prepare for the concert.  Please be diligent in your practice and preparation on all concert pieces so we can dig a little deeper than pounding parts.  I am looking forward to hearing This Marriage and Locus Iste transition into performance pieces.  Praise His Holy Name parts have been posted.

I will be ordering the uniforms this week, so please plan to either make payments or pay in full for your uniform by our first concert on September 22nd.