Week of November 16th

Concert Choir:  Continue to practice your part!  Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Siyahamba are coming along nicely.  Be sure to spend some time on Carols Around and Turn the World Around so we can confidently sing through this week.

Chamber Choir:  Memorization has changed to “preparation” – fully prepared with music demonstrating correct pitch, diction, vowels, articulation, dynamics, cut-offs, etc.  We will not be testing preparation on Monday and Tuesday.  Stay ahead on future deadlines to ensure confidence on your part.  Feel free to see me for assistance outside of class, if necessary.  We have some amazing pieces to perform on December 12th!  Let’s do the work now so we can enjoy the performance.

General Music:  We will begin learning about music from Broadway.  Included in this unit will be learning about Stephen Sondheim and his many accomplishments composing for Broadway. We will view a full musical as well.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Thank you….and tomorrow

Chamber Choir:

If plowing through parts and long rehearsals result in the caliber of concert performances you have achieved…..bring it on!  Thank you for a focused performance tonight and for the teamwork after the concert removing the risers so efficiently.  Now on to the next, even better concert on December 12th!

Tomorrow: Polo and jeans for the Veteran’s Day performance.  Feel free to bring a jacket, if needed.  Board the bus at 1:00 p.m. sharp.

Concert Choir:

So excited that you will be performing Leaning on the Everlasting Arms for the leadership team tour tomorrow morning!  Looking forward to showing you off!!

Week of November 9th

Memorization dates have been posted on each choir page.

Chamber Choir: The volunteer sign-up for our Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast on December 5 is now up on Charms.  Veteran’s Day concert on Tuesday night: be in the choir room, in concert attire, at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  Please note that the risers need to be returned to the choir room immediately after the concert.  Wednesday Veteran’s Day performance: wear/bring your blue choir polo and jeans (no holes, please), board the bus at 1:00, perform at 1:45 then return to school.  Continue to practice your December concert music outside of class time so we can focus on expression, phrasing, diction, vowel placement, dynamics, etc. during class rehearsal.

Concert Choir: Check the memorization dates on the Concert Choir page.  We will continue to work through the concert pieces.  Please practice your part at home so we can focus on musicality versus playing parts for each section.

Friday, November 6

If I could choose when to be sick – I wouldn’t choose now!! :-)  Thank you, in advance, for doing your best today.

Concert Choir:  Sing through Siyahamba a couple times and, if any of you are comfortable enough with the piano, you can practice parts with the whole group or within your sections.  Please have a quiet study hall if you are not singing.  If you choose to play the song game, keep it fun, but control the noise levels!

Chamber Choir:  So sorry I am out today. Please run through all your Veteran’s Day music including Star-Spangled Banner.  After about 30 minutes, please send a student over to see if band is ready to run through Armed Forces Salute.  After practicing with them, come back to the classroom and practice December concert music on your own (listening to your part and following along in music), in sections or as a group.  Averi and Sarah may hand out the music on my desk – each set includes Christmas Time is Here and Rudolph/Frosty medley.

Week of November 2nd

Concert Choir:  Finish reviewing parts for Hope for Resolution, Carols Around and Turn the World Around.  We will focus on learning parts for Christmas Time is Here, Mr. Grinch and  Rudolph/Frosty.   Thank you for your focus!  Please continue to practice outside of class to help make class time more productive.  We need to pay close attention to dynamics, diction and vowel formation.

Chamber Choir:  Each day, we’ll sing through the Veteran’s Day Concert Program.  Please be fully prepared.  Remember, you need to sing your part for America, the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic and TapsArmed Forces Salute needs to be strong on melody, so singing harmony is not required.  After singing through the Veteran’s Day music, we will work diligently on I Am Not Yours, Lux Aurumque, Sure on this Shining Night, Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal and Throw Open Your Shutters.  Depending on remaining time each day, we will read through some of the easier pieces – Mr. Grinch, Christmas Time is Here, Rudolph/Frosty.  By the end of the week, I’ll have a better idea if we need to look at cutting any of our concert pieces.

Have a great week of singing!


Voice Assignments for December Concert

All music will be normal voice assignments with the exception of Lux and Hope for Resolution.  See below and make note on your music.  I’ll go over it in class on Monday as well.  Have a safe, fun weekend!

Hope for Resolution

m. 10 – Everyone

A & B – Choir 1Concert and Chamber Sopranos;  Choir 2:  Concert Altos, Chamber and Concert Tenors, Chamber Altos: Meredith, Sarah, Delaney, Casey;  Choir 3:  Concert and Chamber Basses, Chamber Altos: Lyndsey, Brooke, Mandy, Makayla, Kat.

C & D – SATB All

E & F – Zulu SATB:  Choirs 2 and 3 plus Averi, Delaney G, Molly, Michaela, Kat, Mandy on Soprano; Unison descant melody:  remaining members of Choir 1.


Normal voice assignments for Alto, Tenor, Bass.

m.34 – Sop 1 – Allison, DaySun;  Sop 2 – Michaela, Rachel, Averi, Julia, Delaney;  Sop 3 – Malaya, Ashton, Brittany, Molly.